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Lawrence Sampson

Always enjoy this research. In true serendipity , I currently live in Chatham , MA where I'm
joined by members of the Fougere and Terrio (Therriault) families all who can trace their
ancestry to Isle Madame. Bon Chance !

Elisabeth A Sampson-Paige

thoroughly enjoyed your research and all the history it brings to life. I am descendant of Raymond Sampson Sr., son of Alfred, son of Cyprien, etc. etc. etc.

George Bohlender

Good day...

Well, according to this site's genealogy, it looks like the SAMSON clan crossed paths with my MARTIN/COSTE/DECOSTE ancestors way back in 1600s/1700s Nova Scotia/Cape Breton. Barnabe MARTIN and Jeanne PELLETRET, shown here as the parents of Jeanne MARTIN (who married Gabriel SAMSON back in 1704), show up in my genealogy as the parents of Madeleine MARTIN -- who married my ancestor Francois COSTE about 1695.

Carri Sampson-Spande

I found your site while researching for my son James Paul Sampson. He, me related only by marriage, is descended from Toussaint Samson - Jacques Samson line. I wanted to understand lineage to give my teenaged son some rooting.

Luckily, our branch of the Sampson line has a long detailed history, which is probably recorded elsewhere. Our family lives in Bloomington, MN. In our line we have my son as a direct descendant (a female descendant) and a first male cousin in Germany as the two Sampsons left to carry on the name!

Thanks for your information,
Carri Sampson-Spande

Terri Samson

Looking for info on my family. My grandfather was Frances p Samson
There may have been a p in the last name at one point but not 100% sure. My grandfather was a great story teller so who really knows for sure. If love to message with someone who may know

Diann Tongco

Hi, just researching my Acadian great grandmother, Victorine Marie Marchand.

Stephanie Samson

Hello, My name is Stephanie, and I have just begun my search of the Samson history. Growing up I was always told that we descend from one of the two brothers who had come to Quebec from France. At the moment I and still unsure which bother I descend from. I am in the process of developing a family tree, but I have a gap between the brothers and my 2nd great-grandfather Jean Baptiste Gedeon Samson, who was born in 1867. I would love and appreciate any information that anyone has available to help me fill in this gap! Thank you in advance.


john proctor

My great great Grandmother was Vaginia Sampson born in 1828 in lower inhabitants Cape Breton Island, just checking out my family, thanks for the help. by the way I was born in Liverpool England and moved to Canada in 1980.

Kimberly Ryan

I have just discovered that I am a descendant of the Sam(p)son family thanks to DNA testing. My maternal grandmother came to the Boston area from Canada at the turn of the last century and that was all we knew about her. Thank you for recording this history..I am getting to know my origins

 Hello Kimberly.  You didn't mention your grandmother's name.  I am wondering if she was Elizabeth Lillian Sampson who married Timothy Ryan?  Or a different person?  Thx.

Connie Zimmerman

Marie Salome Samson is my husband's 5th great-grandmother. I am looking to discover her parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Casey Bernier

Hello, My great grandmother's father is Joseph Samson born about 1850. His father Claude Samson was born about 1832 and died about 1906 in St. Isidore.

Joseph was married to Alphonsince Belliveau and she was born about 1859. and they had seven children together.
I've been working on my family tree now since 1977 and I'm finally getting to my mother's side of the family. I've been trying to find out more about the Samson family, so if you could help or direct me to an area where I might be able to find more I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time!

Kass Arthur

Thank you so much for your website. My Grandmother was Mary Lucie Samson of Petite DeGrat Samson's Cove. How wonderful to see the history going back so far.
My Grandmother married ad Irishman (not good) and I have been trying to trace them back to Ireland. Unfortunately being Irish Catholics under English landlords there are no marriage or baptism records that I can find. My Grandmother died before I was born but my aunts told me stories about what a wonderful kind person she was. She lived in Herring Cove Nova Scotia.

Scott Brady

I am descended from Damase Samson and Rosilda Desharnais through my maternal grandmother Cora Marie Bouvier and her mother Rose E Samson. I would love to hear from any relatives, especially those who have knowledge of the Samson family that remained in the Prince Albert area. I have photos and other information to share.

Judy Hoffman

My great grandfather(Stephen Petitpas/Pitts was from Isle Madame. My mother, Edie Hoffman, recently had her DNA tested. Tad Samson is one of Mom's top matches, and there are other matches who indicated "Sampson" as an ancestor surname. We're interested in identifying ancestral links.

Jacquline (Samson) Henderson

Je suis la file de Jean-Jacques Samson de la vile de Quebec et Jeannette Hallé. Mon Grandpere est Valere Samson (eépouse Malvina Royer) de Levis. Je me souviens d'un tricentenaire Des Samso en 1967. EST-qu' il aura un 150e en 2017? Nous plannifios un voyage en Normandie au moi de mai et j'aimerias obtenir des renseignment au sujet de l'église et de la ville. Pourriez-vous me diirriger dans la bonne direction? Mercii de votre travaiille et de votre passion dans votre métier de chercheur.


Charles, it is Louis
no. 289 and 290II
The name should be AURELE and not AURELIE
Aurèle is my grand father, is wife Laurette died in 1988, this was my grand motheer.


Martin A Samson

Son of Donald Samson of Quebec (1931) who resides in Pompano Fla.

Brent Robson

Fascinating information. It's filled in some gaps in my knowledge of my mother's side of the family (Mombourquettes from Cape Breton). Thanks for the website and all your work.

Carol J Harris

I am 74 years old and just found a brother I never knew about. His paternal family connects with the Gabriel Samson line. I am doing research on his family as a gift to him. I hope to learn about his family from this site. Thank you for providing access.

Kathleen Pecic

Thank you for the wealth of information offered here. My great-grandfather was Peter Sampson, son of Jacques and Victoire Sampson, who left for Philadelphia when he was a young man. It seems he left behind the rest of the family (father, step-mother, step-siblings) and had little or no contact with them. He died back in the 1930s and the only family information passed down was that he had come to the States from Nova Scotia. I had reached a dead end after finding his parent's names on his death certificate until coming upon your site. You've given me hours of information to peruse!


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